PRINT + PAPER quality

I use some of the best printers in the UK to deliver the highest quality prints on the finest quality paper.

I've had the disappointing experience of buying a print and it arriving on cheap, tacky, shiny paper, which is something I have strived to avoid by receiving test prints on a wide variety of paper stock, selecting a wonderfully bright and characterful paper stock which I know the prints look great on.

The majority of my prints are printed using the famed giclee printing process which sprays the ink, using 3 times the amount of colours found in high street printers to ensure wonderfully fine details and rich colour reproductions which when combined with archival paper won't fade or yellow over time. 

Additionally I have hand selected the cotton Hahnemule photo rag which is considered one of the finest archival art papers in the world and when you see it's delicate texture, it's silky matte finish and the way it hold the colour both bright and with crisp lines you'll see why it's regularly considered the number one art paper.